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 A Happy New Year ! 2008
 From Friday, September 28, 2007, I will stay hospital to operate excision of a part of my stomach. the early cancer of my stomach was found in the annual physical check up in the last month.
 Last December the "Social Enterprise Promotion Law" came into existence in Korea. So Mr. Kikuchi and I visited the Social Enterprise Suport Center, Korean Association of Self-Sufficiency Suport Centers (Hanguk Jawhal Hugyon Gigan Hyeophoi), and several Self-Sifficiency Communities (Nowon, jinchon, Suwon etc.). (Pictuers)
This Law will be dispensed on July 1, 2007.
 A Happy New Year ! 2007
 I visited AARP National Event in Anaheim with Doctor HYODO Tsutomu, president of the Japan Older Persons Co-operatice Union, from 24 to 27 October 2006.
 I took part in the Expert Group Meeting on Cooperatives and Emplyoment in Wuxi and Shanghai, China on 15-19 May 2006. This meeting was organised by the Division for Social Policy and Development(DSPD) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) with technical support from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). The event is hosted by the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC). In the Meeting I presented the paper of  "Worker Cooperatives in Japan."
A Happy New Year ! 2006 

The term "Social Enterprise" is becoming important.  I visited to York, Rochdale, Manchester, Sunderland, next city of New Castle, and East London, to study "social enterprises" and other tppics.

  • York St. John College, University of Leeds in York city
  • Co-operativesUK head office in Manchester city
  • SES: The Social Enterprise Sunderland in Sunderland city
  • Account 3 / Environment Trust in east end of London


 The paper of  "About the Japan Workers' Cooperative Union (JWCU)" is uploaded.
On January 23 2005, I went to concert "Miserere Mei Deus" set by Gregorio Allegri and "Requiem" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at "Toriton Square," Chuo city, Tokyo.
A Happy New Year ! 2005 
 On December 7 2004, I went to concert Beethoven symphny No. 9 "CHORUS" at Ikebukuro, Tokyo led by TOYAMA Yuzo, One of the famous concert conductors in Japan.
During October 13 to 25, I went to Las Vegas to join AARP National Event before reseaching tour to AARP, Washinton DC, and Independent Living Project of Western New York. You can see Photos in Washinton and Buffalo, NY.

 On September 22 2004, My fellows and I heralded AARP delegates , Mrs. and Mr. Leven and Mr. Edwward newburn, to Workers' Co-operative bisiness establishments located in Fukaya City and in Menuma Town.

AARP's old name was "American Association of Retired Persons." Actualy anybody who is fifty years old or over can be a member of AARP. the number of AARP members is over thity five million.

  The members local meeting of Tokyo Senior Citizen Co-operative was held on Saturday, May 8 2004 at the educational center of Higashi-kurume city in Tokyo. We sent the invitation letters to the members who live in the cities of Kodaira, Nishi-tokyo, Higashi-kurume, Kiyose, and Higashi-nurayama.
  On Tueseday, April 13, 2004, We welcomed two cats to our house as our family members to live together. They are a elder brother, called "Nihni (left)," and a sister, called "Nehne (right)," Their breed are Somali close to Abyssinian cat. They were simular when jast arrrived. They look demure. But after a few days after and now, they are playing elves, and taking to us.
During the new year holidays  I played a new year golf after an interval of almost three years with my old fellows of NFUCA, the Ntional Federation of University Co-operative Associations. I found out the lack of exercise. My score was 107.

From September 15 to 25, I visited to study Italian Social Cooperatives in Rome, Pavia and Milan coordinated by Ms TANAKA Natsuko, an associated professsor of Tsuru university, with Ms HORIUCHI Mitsuko, ILO Tokyo Offive Representative, Prof. SATO Makoto, Ritumeikan university, Prof. SUZUKI Tsutomu, Bukkyo university, Mr. ISHIZUKA Hideo, and Mr. TAKANARITA Ken, Central Jigyodan.

Social Cooperatives we visited

 I am very happy to meet my friends, Bill and Rich, who are manegers of US college stores.

I welcome My friends, Mr. Bill Simpson, President & General Manager of University of Connecticut Cooperative Corporation, and Mr. Rich McDaniel, Associated Vice President , Campus & Business Service of Cornel University, who will play as key note speakers for NFUCA seminar for presidents and managing directors of its member cooperatives.
These photos are taken on 11th September, 2003 at HARAJUKU.

The US President George W. Bush has given Saddam Hussein an uulltimatum to go into exile or face attack from the United States and a handful of allies.
I am on the side of "No War on Iraq." This atack to Iraq will make the U.S. a 'empire' or a 'monocaratic' state over the world.
I voted no to war, according to the next wdbsite.
On July 16 to 19 2002 I visited Hanoi, Vietnam to attend the 8th Meeting of ICA Sub-committee on Unoversity/College Cooperative for Asia and the Pacific, the ICA Regional Youth Meeting for AP, and the 35th ICA Committee on Consumers Cooperation. (PHOTOS)
I presented "Youth members' views of thier works, co-op management and thier neighborhood in Japan worker' cooperatives" in the ICA Youth Representative Meeting.
On June 22, 2002, the Alumni Meeting of schoolmates, graduated in 1963 from KUKI Junior High School, Saitama prefecture. The Meeting is held every five year since 20 years ago.
I am impacted by the following news (the Asahi Shinbun, June 8, 2002);
1) "Birthrate at record low in 2001 since the end of World War II -- Women on average had only 1.33 children"
The lowest in Tokyo at 1.00 and the highest in Okinawa province at 1.83. Birthrate were generally low in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe region.
2) "Japanese workers among the least loyal"
a near-bottom seventh out of eight nationalities studied in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico and Japan.
<<Birthrate: it represents the average number of babies a woman delivers in her life>>
Mrs. FUKAO Yumiko who was a former student committee member of NFUCA, the National Federation of University Cooertive Associations, when I was its General Director, moved to live in Tokyo from Hokkaido, Japanese Northern Island, after her marriage. Then we held a party to welcome her at a restaurant located in Tokyo. The Participants were her friends in Tokyo and former NFUCA student committee in the same period. You can get photos of this party.
I have to send you a sad information that Mr. Masao Ohya was dead on May 26, 2002. I regret his death. He is the Adviser of JICR (the Japan Institute of Cooperative Research), and the former Executive Director of JCCU, and the former Chairman of the ICA Committee on Consumers Cooperation for Asia and the Pacific.
(Photo) Mr. Masao Ohya, left, Mr. Hiroshi Shimamura, right, and me on the front of Mr. Ohya's house in the end of last year.
I visited to Cebu island, the Philippines, as a speaker of the National Conference hosted by MMAFECCO on April 5-7, 2002. (My presentation paper on Humen Resourve Development Initiative is here.) After that I visited to Bangkok, Thailand to have meeting with TCOFU officers.
On Mar. 30, 2002, the wedding reception of one of myfriends was held at Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture. He is the same age with me, and marrege firstly with Chainese lady.
The reception was just like a class reunion of Kuki junior high school.
What do you think about Japanese jobless rate? It has been increasing in a few years and marked around 6 persent, espacialy that of youth (20s) marks over 10 percent. Then JICR, the Japan Institute of Cooperative Reseach whose director is me, is planning a seminar for university teachrs who try to find jobs of thier students (and actually hard to do).
several professor and me will hold a planning meeting on Mar. 13, 2002 to do so. It is an alternative initiative to resolve jobless problem. Our initiative is that Getting Job is Creating Job such as setting up "Workers Coopertives."
I am very happy to introduce the new activities of JWCU, the Japan Workers' Cooperative Union. it is so called "JOB CREATION COURSEs" which was held at Three cities in KAGOSHIMA prefecture and three places in TOKYO metropolitan, and sponsered by each local government. Its each course was composed of three parts which are " to be a certificated home helper", "how to handle IT (Information Technology)" and "how to set up a care workers' own firm such as care workers cooperative." I took part in these courses as a lecturer for subjects of "variety firms and thier manegement form" and "cooperative and its operation principles." (Mar.6, 2002)
The Board of Directors of JICR, Japanese Institute of Cooperative Research, was held on January 5, 2002. After that we held the New Year Parties near Otuka JR Station Including KARAOKE party.
I attennded the ICA world assembry 2001 in Seoul, Korea, on 13-18 October 2001
I wrote New Observation on cooperative Youth Seminars for Asia and the Pacific.
-- LEARNING OR TEACHING: The Cooperative Learning Theory
I visited BBMC, Bigay Buhay Multi-purpose Cooperative, in Quezon city, the Philippines, to attend its 10th anniversary ceremony with Mr. KURIKI Toshifumi, Mr. SAITO Kenzo and Mr. KIKUCHI Ken on Sep. 9-12, 2001. (Photos)
"the ICA Regional Cooperarive Youth Seminar 2001" was held on 24(Sun)-27(Wed) June, 2001 in Tokyo.
In this seminar Dr. Roberto Rodoriges, ICA President, addressed the opening message (Power Point File). And I spoke the impression of this seminar at closing session.
I addressed the Impression from the Seminar Organiser.
"YOUTH FORUM ON COOPERATION" was held on 21 Mar. 2001. It was first time in Japan.

On 15-17 March 2001, ICFTU-APRO & ICA-ROAP Preparatory Meetong On ILO Revised Recommendation 127 which will be deliberated on at the International Labor Conference in June 2001 was held at Orchid Country Club, Singapore.

  • (ICFTU-APRO: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions - Asian and Pacific Resional Organisation)
  • (ICA-ROAP: International Cooperative Alliance - Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific)
  • The joint meeting of the office-bearers of the ICA Sub-committee on University/College Cooperatives for Asia and the Pacific, and the host organizations of the Seminar was held. on 9 Dec., 2000 for discussin on "the ICA Regional Cooperarive Youth Seminar 2001" programs which will be held on 24(Sun)-27(Wed) June, 2001 in Tokyo.
    Main theme:
    "Leaders Towards Cooperation, Leading New Century"
    *** The Detail information will be announced by the middle of January 2001. ***
    I visited Sung-Kong-Hoe University (Anglican University) in Seoul, Korea on 6-10, Dec., 2000 with principals of Japan Workers' Cooperative Union to participate in the International Forum on Social Enterprise Development which theme was "Creating social work to overcome poverty and unemployment."
    And I also visited the new office of the Korean Consumers Cooperative Federation which moved last October.
    I visited Singapore on 5-8, Nov., 2000 to attend the meeting of the Office-Bearers of the ICA Committee on Consuner Cooperaton for Asia and the Pacific and its Sub-committee on University/College Cooperatives. The subjects of this meeting are 1) the management in the consumer cooperatives, 2) examination of the attainment points and future direction of the youth activity in Asia and the Pacific, and 3) others. No. of Participants is 12: 1 from Japan, 1 from Indonesia, 2 from the Philippines, 4 from Singapore, and 4 from ICA-ROAP.
    Interpreter? That was the question.
    In fact, one of ICA-ROAP's participants is a Japanese, Mr. Juku Ozawa.

    I took part in 5th National Cooperative Summit in the Philippines which was held on 25-27, October 2000 at Tagaytay City, by the Tarr Lake. Vice-president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo attended opening celemony.


    1st ICA Asia-Pacific Co-operative Forum was held on 27-28 June 2000 at the Mandarin Singapore.
    33rd Meeting of ICA Committee on Consumer Co-operation and 6th Meeting ICA Sub-Committee on University/College Co-operatives ware also held at same place before the Forum.

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