Chairperson's Observation :
observation by Mr. Okayasu

Chairperson , ICA Consumer Sub-Committee
during the Inaugural Session of the 3rd Meeting of the Sub-Committee

14th March 1997

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman

It is my privilege to extend a warm and hearty welcome to all the dignitaries ,delegates, observers and other invites. As the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee, I consider it as my duty too. I offer a special word of greetings and welcome to today's chief guest Prof. Dr.Narongsak Chaiyabutr ,The Director General of ICA Mr. Bruce Thordorson , The Regional Director of ICA (ROAP) Mr.Ruby Tulus and our co-host the Acting Director of CLT Mr.Ackaradorn Panyapen.

This is the Third and the very important meeting of the Sub-committee. The First meeting was held at Singapore during December 1994 - that was meeting where the Sub-committee was born. The second meeting was held at Kinabaru , Malaysia during December 1995.

The 3rd meeting is opening in Bangkok which is the place where the First Orientation Seminar on Japanese Consumer Co-operatives was held in 1989. Therefore , it is a good home coming.

The major event of the previous year was the Regional Youth / Campus Co-operatives Seminar which was held at Singapore during November 1996. This was the First regional program of the Sub-Committee. It was a unique program focusing on the Human Resource Development of the Youth. This Seminar has created a vision for 2000 AD, which is actually a message from the youth to the elders. The Youth 9 participating countries have jointly given us their vision. Now, it is our responsibility to implement this vision.

To my mind, This meeting has 2 primary objectives;

First , to review the impact and the output if the Youth Seminar and

Second , to evolve through discussion, the concrete strategies for realizing the youth vision.

I am sure that learned members of the Sub-Committee will make this possible.

Before I end my observations , I would like to place before you , the wish that I carry in my mind right now , I feel that we should arrive at common issues of interest and work , if all the member countries identify and work on similar issues , the development will be more balanced.

I, foresee, a close relationship between University Co-ops & other types of co-operatives. Strong co-operatives in schools and colleges facilitate strong community co-operaticves of all types. In the changing global economic condition it is very important to appreciate this relationship. Therefore , it is also my wish that ICA (ROAP) be able to draw resources from all projects , to concentrate more on the development of university / student co-operatives.

I shall be happy if these things too form part of our discussion today.

This is a very important thing , I want to mention. The students of Chulalongkorn University have setup a good co-op , which is a model for other university in Thailand. They are working with a real co-operatives spirit in organizing this meeting. I recognize them and on behalf of the Sub-Committee congratulate them on their work.

Ladies and Gentlemen , let me end my stressing that let us create and work in a family environment , let us create dynamic co-operatives movement , that make the life of the next generation happier.

Finally I wish to quote 2 sayings of Confucius ;

g To learn , and to practice on occasion what one has learnt - is this not true pleasureh?

g Study without thought is vain ; thought without study is periloush

Thank you very much.