The 8th meeting of ICA Sub-Committee on University/College Cooperatives,
The Regional Youth Representative Meeting,
The 35th meeting of ICA Committee on Consumer Cooperation
in Hanoi, Vietnam on July 17-19 2002

On th previous day of the Sub-committee meeting, July 16, We, partipants from NFUCA, visited the Army Museum and the VCA Head Office after the preparing meeting with NFUCA staff , JCCU staff and ICA-ROAP staff.

At the front of the Tank which go into the old President house of South Vietnam on April 30 1975

With Mr. Nguyen Ty, President of VCA, the Vietnamese Cooperative Alliance at the VCA building in Hanoi

Participants in the Sub-committee
July 17 2002

participants in the Regional Youth Meeting
July 17 2002
Front line: Youth participants as tommorow leaders

Snap photos through three days

The youth meeting
Ms. Clarissa S. Trampe, NATTCO, the Philippines

Mr. Tetsuo Suwa, Japan (L)
Mr. Lu Jun Shan, China (C)
Mr. Shan Lu Lun, Thailand (R)

Farewell lunch with
Mr. Shan Lu Lun, CLT, Thailand (R) and
Mr. Hoang Nghia Trung, VCA, Vietnam (L)

Farewell lunch with
Mr. Nguyen Ty, President of VCA and
Mrs. Le My Pho, Director of Int'l Relations Dept. of VCA

Youth group and "fathers", July 19 2002
at the lobby of Bao Son Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

After these meetings I returned to Japan accompanied with NFUCA participants on July 20 2002. I am suprised that it was very hot in Tokyo metropilitan area, and I felt that it was hotter in Tokyo than in Hanoi! According to the announce of the Meteorological Agency, it was 37.4 degrees centigrade at Chichibu city in Saiatam prefebture next to Tokyo as a record in this summer. Maybe we carried back a fever of the meetins. (^_^;