OKAYASU Kisaburo

Saitama, Japan


as of 10 Aug., 2018

Objectives (set in 1999)

  1. "Community based cooperation" to bring about a 21st century of cooperation.
  2. The existence of diverse cooperatives - the assurance of diversity and dynamic leadership.
  3. A "Cooperative Youth Forum" to instill the youth to be active in cooperatives

Employment/Experience Summary

University Cooperative Movement
1998-1999 Vice President, NFUCA
1985-1998 Managing Director and CEO, NFUCA
1987-1999 Board member of Japan Consumers' Cooperative Union
1979-1985 Managing Director, the University of Tokyo Co-op.(UT Co-op)
1976-1979 Exective Director, UT Co-op.
1978-1979 General Store Manager, UT Co-op.
1974-1976 Book Store Manager, UT Co-op.
1973- Entrance to UT Co-op.
ICA for Asia and the Pacific (ICA for AP.)
1996-2002 Chair Person of ICA Sub-Committe on University/Campus Copertives for AP.
1998-2002 Vice Chairman of ICA Committee on Consumers Cooperation for AP.
1986-1998 member of ICA Committee on Consumers Cooperation for AP.
Workers Cooperartives
Today Adviser of Japan Workers Cooperative Union (JWCU)
2001-2017 Vice-president of Japan Workers Cooperative Union (JWCU)

Older Persons Cooperartives
2008-2018 Auditor of Japan Older Persons Cooperative Union (JOCU)
2007-2008 Vice-president of JOCU
2006-2007 Board member of JOCU
2004-2006 Auditor of JOCU
2003-2018 Vice-president of Tokyo Senior Cooperative
2001-2003 Board member of Tokyo Senior Cooperative
Japan Institute of Cooperartive Reseach (JICR)
Today Special Adviser of Japan Institute of Cooperative Research (JICR)
2011-2017 President of JICR
2007-2011 Vice-president of JICR
2001-2007 General Director of JICR
1999-2001 Board member of JICR


1973 Graduation of Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1970 Promotion to Facalty of Engineering, UT
1966 Entrance to College of Arts and Sciences, UT
1966 Graduation of Saitama prefectural Kasukabe High School


Personal Interest

> Playing golf and tennis
> Cycling and Walking
> Mathematical philosophy
> Geographical linguitics